Moses, Your Salesforce Leader

Salesforce Leader - Marketing Cloud

“I help businesses grow by applying my expertise as a Salesforce Leader and Google Analytics Guru.”

Moses Vuma
About Moses Nkosi Vuma

Diverse Expertise

With a strong background in analytics, public relations and finance, Moses plays pivotal transformational roles with cross functional teams


Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Providing customized Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions.

Digital Marketing
SEO/SEM and MarTech

Applying the most advanced Google SEO and SEM techniques yielding high ROAS and ROI.


Moses' Salesforce, SQL and Google Analytics expertise allows him to do comprehensive business analysis.


As a Salesforce CRM expert, Moses provides CRM solutions for organizations.

CRM Architect Audit

Moses is an expert in correcting, restructuring and optimizing Salesforce organizations.

"I take pride in delivering high quality results in record time."

I Deliver Measurable Results

Measurable. Impact. Moses.

“He delivers, and thinks outside the box.”

About Moses Nkosi Vuma